The Canadian Birch Company

The Canadian Birch Company (2012) began as an adventure into the new and little known cottage industry of Birch Syrup. Innovation followed in the form of Gold Birch Syrup, a Gourmet Product Line and a promotion strategy that touts Birch Syrup as a Culinary Syrup. Winner of two Innovation Awards - Product of the Year (Innovative Packaging) 2015;
Harvesting Excellence - Innovation Award 2017 (Food and Beverage Manitoba). Celebrating 10 Years!


Pure Birch Syrup - Gold, Amber, Dark; Savoury Jams - Birch Bacon Jam, Birch Balsamic Tomato Jam; Dessert Sauces - Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce, Birch Chocolate Sauce; Birch Q Sauces - Original, Birch Bourbon (NEW); Birch Inspired Syrups - Birch for Breakfast Original and Spiced; Coffee and Cocktail Syrups - NEW




The Canadian Birch Company