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Sweetpea Naturals

Sweetpea Naturals is your locally made with love, very eco friendly, chemical free, cruelty-free go-to for all things skin care, self care, natural wellness & beauty. As the average woman is exposed to 500+ chemicals in her daily life, we focus on creating products for our community that are safe for them, safe for their family and safe for the planet. The fact that babies are born with an average of 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord (and with our first little one's birth in July of this year), we are even more motivated than ever to get non toxic products into people's hands + homes.

Because we love this beautiful blue planet we're on and we know you do too, all Sweetpea packaging is reusable, compostable or can be returned as part of our recycle program, in an effort to divert waste from landfills. We believe if you have the capacity to give back to your community and make a positive difference, you absolutely should! Which is why a portion of every Sweetpea sale is donated to the conservation of bee populations.

We look forward to seeing you, sharing our sunshine vibes and chatting all things natural!


Dry Shampoo, Cycle Survival (PMS Blend), Ouch Balm, Mama Magic (pregnancy safe body butter, nipple cream, diaper rash cream), Inhale the Good Perfume Roller, Love Potion Perfume Roller, Beauty Sleep Serum, You Glow Girl™ Moisturizer line, Deodorant, and Baby Oil for bath, body and scalp. PLUS our new for third+Bird products, details in our accompanying prototype email!!




Sweetpea Naturals
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