Based in Winnipeg MB, we use local suppliers and manufacturers to help create our original products. Our goal is to design long lasting, timeless products that integrate greenery into human spaces. We take our inspiration from nature with the hope that our products complement the landscape and spaces they occupy.
SUO SERO was founded at the beginning of 2021 with an idea for a metal raised garden bed that was local, functional, and beautiful. Our offering has expanded to include a variety of sizes and designs. In fall 2021, as summer ended and plants came indoors, we shifted focus to a heavy duty shelf perfect for holding plants.
The plan is to continue to innovate and help connect people to nature through design.


Raised Beds:
- Footprint options:
- Small Rectangle (1'x3'),
- Square (2'x2'),
- Large Rectangle (2'x4'),
- Triangle (30'' side length)
-12.75'' tall
- 23.5'' tall
-Pattern options:
- Blank Slate (line at top and bottom)
- Wave (random wave pattern)
- Bolt (random zig-zag pattern)

Metal shelving with optional / changeable fronts sold separately.