Studio Lia Karras

studio lia karras is a textile studio with a focus on creating beautiful handmade housewares. objects that thoughtfully bring together old and new. timeless pieces that are made with care and consideration that are meant to last and to become part of the rituals of your everyday

the fall 2021 collection is a series of handwoven placemats that invite you to gather and linger around a table with the ones you hold dear

the winter2022 collection includes a series of cozy, creamy wall hangings to bring softness and warmth to your walls through the short, snowy days of winter


'- handwoven placemats (five colourways)
- wall hangings (approx 12" x 36"), several designs
- a small run of wider one of a kind wall hangings (48" x 36" in prototype stage now, see image above cabinets in booth design)




Studio Lia Karras