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studio lia karras

i created this studio to develop and share beautiful handmade goods. these objects are meant to be used everyday, and are made slowly with the intention of prompting you to pause and appreciate the small daily rituals in your life - meals together, coffee shared, quiet introspective moments. i hope these products will be a part of your home for years to come.

i've always found beauty in well made objects that are true to their materials and true to their use. through this studio i endeavour to contribute something functional, beautiful and honest.


'- handwoven textured wall hangings – mixed mill ends and wool roving – variety of sizes
- 100% cotton handwoven placemats
- 100% cotton handwoven baby blankets (new!)
- wool pompom ornaments with leather cord (new!)
- 4”x6” framed or unframed “wood weavings” off loom weaving, each one unique (new!)
- linocut greeting cards in a selection of woven patterns (ie. twill, houndstooth, birdseye, tabby) (new!)




studio lia karras
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