Spice World Of Canada

Spice World is a family business proudly based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Delos Santos family has been sharing the love of spices since 1997. With 20 years of knowledge and service, our personal touch and hand made blends is what sets us apart from your local supermarket choices. We are passionate in specifically curating spices from a network of ethically sourced distributors supporting sustainable farming practices. We are driven and passionate for the love of cooking with our diverse customers embracing different cultures and cuisines, inspiring newbies and foodies with the highest quality of spice blends. Connecting and coming together for the love of food and community.


Peg City Seasoning, Honey Habanero, Everything Bagel, Ancho Chile Rub, Southern Blackened, Guacamole, Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning, Herbes de Provence, Furikake, Chicken Seasoning, Gabe’s Garlic Pepper Special, Jamaican Jerk, Electric Buffalo made with Ghost Pepper, Shawarma Blend, Memphis Bbq Rub.




Spice World Of Canada