Sheepdog Brew Co

Sheepdog Brew Co was founded in 2017. We began by selling craft coffee online, then into previous T&B Markets, eventually growing into all major grocery chains in Winnipeg! Since then, we have focused on leading coffee trends and premium products. 1.5 years ago, we shifted our focus and dedicated ourselves to the art of cold brewing coffee. Now focused on the brewing and bottling of high quality ready-to-drink coffee beverages. Sheepdog wants to be "Along for the Ride" - whether that's on the way to work, out for an adventure, or kicking around the house. Ethically sourced, rainforest alliance/organic beans, roasted fresh and then brewed and bottled by us in our facility located on the west perimeter. Cheers and thanks for considering us!


Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee
Nitro Cold Brew
Concentrated Cold Brew
Coffee infused BBQ Meat Rubs




Sheepdog Brew Co