Prairie Loom

Prairie Loom was established in 2016 as a textile art studio. Born and raised on the prairies of Manitoba, Lindsay Imlah was inspired to include this as part of her studio’s name. ‘Loom” of course followed from the process of her textile creations, which currently consist of beautiful, woven wallhangings and fabric-based gnomes. Although prairie based, this company has a blend of Scandinavian style, influenced by Lindsay’s Icelandic heritage. Like the blending of textiles, her creations are influenced by cultural persuasions, travel and life experiences.

Story telling is another large component to Prairie Loom. Each style of gnome is given a Scandinavian name, which reflects their design, colour palette and essence of who they are. Even wall hangings are meant to evoke a scene or expression. First colours and yarns are chosen and then the design is conceived loosely in the mind. It is strictly an abstract process, so no designs are drawn out beforehand.

Sustainable design is always at the forefront of design. Products are adapted with this focus as often as possible. Re-use of textiles is an important part of the company and the majority of yarns and fabrics are sought after at thrift shops or other seconds hand locations.

Each of Prairie Loom’s creations take time and love. Prairie Loom is a part time business. During the day Lindsay Imlah is an Interior Designer and on evenings and weekends she devotes time to her creations. It is Lindsay’s hope that through this process, the weavings allow people to find inspiration and the gnomes for the home create happiness and comfort. Hej! Have you met us yet?


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Prairie Loom