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Mr. Biltong Beef Jerky Company

Mr. Biltong Beef Jerky Company is owned and operated by husband-and-wife-team Jeremy & Megan Silcox. Biltong is a South African-style of dried beef that Jeremy came to love when he was living down in Johannesburg a decade earlier. Upon his return to Winnipeg, he started making biltong for himself, playing with the recipe until he could recreate his favourite flavours from Africa. In 2017, they started the business as a side project, and it has been growing steadily since.

Mr. Biltong makes a variety of South African-style dried meat snacks, providing a tastier, more tender, and healthier alternative to conventional beef jerky. They are handcrafted in Winnipeg in small batches, using only local Manitoba beef. The products have a unique texture and flavour that appeals to nearly everyone who try them.


Biltong - Original, Spicy Cayenne, Red-Hot Habanero and Teriyaki
Stokkies - Original, Spicy Cayenne, Red-Hot-Habanero and Teriyaki
Droëwors - Traditional flavour
Merchandise - Hats, Toques, T-shirts




Mr. Biltong Beef Jerky Company
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