Masagana Flower Farm & Studio

Masagana Flower Farm is an experiential tourism destination, seasonal flower farm, and natural dye studio in SouthEast, Manitoba. Aside from growing seasonal blooms, we also cultivate dye plants that we use to make handmade, small-batch, naturally dyed textile good and offers a unique tourism event, Tinta – a dye your own wearable art experience. In this woman-led, Filipina-owned small business, we believe that no matter who and where we are, creating magic and growing joy is right at our fingertips. We advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle and inspire others to turn their lawns into garden beds.


Floral-dyed silk scarves, silk pillowcases, indigo-dyed shawls, table runners and dinner napkins, DIY Dye Kits




Masagana Flower Farm & Studio