James & Best

James & Best started in the middle of a prairie summer in a garage. We made one product- plant stands. And we made one stand at a time mixing our concrete by hand. Fast forward a few years later, and our little garage hobby has turned into a real business and we are so grateful.

We now offer a variety of concrete products to help make your house a home. Each product is still handmade, but (thankfully) we make more than one at a time these days. Our team is small, just the two of us and our dog Lou, but we like it that way.

You can count on three things when you order from James & Best. First of all, you can be sure your item was handmade just for you, by us. Second, you can be sure that you're supporting a couple of entrepreneurial spirits who took a chance. And most importantly, you can be sure of the quality. A good friend of ours lives by the saying "quality over quantity" and when we started our business we knew that was something we wanted our brand to represent.


Plant stands
Circle trays
Rectangle trays




James & Best