‘Me digwa’ is a welcome greeting in the African Isoko language. Similarly, the name HEYRU (pronounced ay-roo) is rooted in an Isoko word meaning ‘natural beauty.’ This name is our brand because most of our food, health, and cosmetic products (ethically sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada) are earth-friendly, 100% natural, and contain only the highest-quality ingredients.

As a trading company, our aim at HEYRU is to focus on sustainability while promoting a healthy lifestyle within the local wellness market in Winnipeg and across Canada.


Whipped Shea Butter 7 oz
Whole Hibiscus Flower Leaves 75g
Whole Hibiscus Flower Leaves 180g
Biodegradable Tea Filter Bags 50pcs
Cool & Calm essential oil 10ml
Sweet Spice essential oil 10ml
Monk Fruit Sweetener 90g
Monk fruit Sweetener 240g
Monk fruit Sweetener with Hibiscus 90g
Monk fruit Sweetener with Hibiscus 240g
Shea Body Butter 3.5oz
Body Balm 3.5oz
Kenyan Black Tea Broken Orange Pekoe 90g
Kenyan Black Tea Flowery Orange Pekoe 90g
Kenyan Purple Tea 90g
Kenyan Sweet Potato Tea 90g
The Wall Tea Infuser
Wellness Tea Gift Box
Body Care Wellness Gift Box