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HayMad & Co.

I'm Amber, the face behind the brand. Our story is a little different than most and not topically the way a business would come about!

The HayMad & Co. brand all came together after experiencing a major highly publicized family tragedy. From that tragedy, it showed us exactly what Winnipeg is all about and how community comes together no matter who you are or where to come from. From there we knew we had to represent Winnipeg, the people that live here and their stories.

HayMad & Co. is a local lifestyle brand that is proud to be both gender and size inclusive. We allow you to express who you are with quality & comfortable apparel at an affordable price.

We are proud to support Mental Health Awareness by donating a portion of our proceeds from our Be Kind Collection to the Canadian Mental Health Association.


We are EXTREMLY excited to launch our Fall/Winter collection including our Plush lined toques and Bougie Tree sweatshirts & tshirts (we are dropping them in 2 new colors and would love to do another T+B exclusive launch!) We also have some NEW HayMad & Co. branded corduroy totes!

We will have a variety of our In house designs available on adult t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies (some designs will be available in youth sizes).

Our matching accessories consist of snapback hats, toques, tote bags, mugs, stickers, cards stud earrings and necklace (Be Kind only).




HayMad & Co.
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