Happy Daisy Gourmet Dog Food

Happy Daisy Gourmet Dog Food is a Manitoba based company that is owned and operated by a young female entrepreneur named Kat. Her goal was to find a way to ensure that her dog Daisy had the best nutrition possible to assist with various health conditions. After years of vet visits and specialty foods that did not assist in helping Daisy, Kat decided to study dog nutrition. She formulated a proprietary diet and Daisy got better, that is how Happy Daisy got both its name and its start. In the last four years Happy Daisy has become a well known local treat company and a pantry staple for dog owners.


Dog / Cat Bagged Treats:

Jerky in Classic + Novel Protein Options
(Beef, pork, chicken, bison, wild boar, goose)

Freeze Dried Bites:
(Beef, pork, chicken, salmon, cod, marble cheese)

(Frog legs, Chicken feet, pig ears and snouts + rolled fish skins)

Enrichment medleys / food toppers
(Big beefy potluck, pupkin spice, seafood medley, pork medley)

All of the above products are single ingredient with the exception of the food + toppers.

Charcuterie Pet Treat Boxes:
A collection of our treats in a box

We also offer a line of freeze dried candy for dog parents to enjoy
(Skittles, starbursts)




Happy Daisy Gourmet Dog Food