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flora & farmer

flora & farmer creates delightfully daring preserves your Grandma never made!

A beautiful life is nourished by heavenly food- we believe in savouring the moments in the small luxuries that bring joy.
Since 2012, our passion has been in preserving heritage cooking traditions with a fun, creative edge.

Luxurious low-sugar spreads, addictive pickles, and raw and alive vegan sauerkrauts, all in extraordinary flavour combinations to impress and inspire outstanding meals!

Proud to be one of few companies in Canada to generally use a reduction method rather than adding thickeners and outrageous amounts of sugar, our spreads are cooked down and intensely fruity with *just enough* sweetener for a luxurious, fruit-forward spread. Each jar contains over 1/2 pound of fruit, for a concentrated, low sugar preserve.
Pickles are created with the freshest local produce, and our award-winning fermented sauerkrauts and salsa will satisfy healthy lifestyles with incredible flavour and probiotic goodness.

We focus on balanced flavours and quality ingredients, with sustainability and your health in mind. Sourcing locally and organic or naturally grown when possible, and never using artificial flavours, extracts or preservatives. Just real food.


Artisanal low sugar spreads (jam), fermented sauerkrauts and salsa, a small amount of pickles.




flora & farmer
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