flora & farmer

flora & farmer's odyssey in delightfully daring preserves began in 2010 after a bumper crop of cucumbers launched a passion in preserving.
With an adventurous and curious attitude, founder Kim Bialkoski expanded from ferments to vinegar pickles and low-sugar spreads. Shocked at the amount of sugar used in typical jam making, Kim set out to create a product that was not only healthier, but high quality and packed with fruit- which is what really sets f&f apart from typical grocery store jams. Rather than adding thickeners and an obscene amount of sugar to activate them, they instead reduce the fruit with a modest amount of sweetener as well as complimentary herbs, spices, and alcohols, resulting in an intensely fruity spread with 75% less refined sugar than major brands and a minimum of a half pound of fruit in every jar! Pickles are produced seasonally, using only local produce from small, spray-free farms, and fermented sauerkrauts and salsa are raw, vegan, and alive with healthy probiotic bacteria, all made with unconventional pairings to charm your tastebuds and create memorable meals.
From the modest beginnings of 6 jars of fermented pickles created in a tiny home kitchen as a way to extend the harvest, flora & farmer grew to farmers markets, retail shelves, and now to their own production facility and exclusively local storefront, Preserve, winning awards and accolades along the way.


Low sugar spreads, marmalades, vinegar pickles, fermented sauerkrauts & salsa, packaged buns filled with f&f kraut, packaged poptarts filled with f&f spread.




flora & farmer