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Fashion By Hafsa

Fashion by Hafsa is a progressive artistic line of clothing designed for the modern modest woman.
Hafsa uses influences from her experiences from different cultures to create a unique line of modest clothing. Being designed to be worn by anyone regardless of belief is important as Hafsa's vision is to bring the old world into the new world, to respect the past while modernizing to prepare for the future. Authentic custom embroidery and painted designs stand out to promote a woman's forward fashion sense while respecting ones preferences and beliefs regardless of body type or background.


'- Bamboo Jersey/Cotton Jersey Tees - Hand Painted
- Cardigans/Jackets - Hand Painted
- Denim Jacket - Hand Painted
- Abaya/Long Dress/Midi Skirts
- Hijabs
- Kimonos
- Zero Waste Patchwork Tank Tops




Fashion By Hafsa
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