Farmer's Daughter Co.

At Farmer's Daughter Co., we are passionate about people & taking care of one's mental health & striving to help others find a way to do the same. I (Jamie), am also a nurse and know the importance of taking care of ones mental health. The purpose of our business is to help others take care of themselves mentally & emotionally. To assist others in creating an environment where they feel they are able to breathe deeply, have an outlet to let go of the days stresses, & to find little ways to recharge and keep going in this thing we call life. This is why we offer a wide range of self care products that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one's home. We offer products all the way from pure soy wax candles with the option of our cotton wick, or soothing crackling wood wicks, to all natural bath salts, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath elixir, & beeswax lip balms.

At Farmer's Daughter Co., every product has been created with love & in small batches, with the hope that it will bring a sense of comfort, coziness, & relaxation to you! Each product has been created with the intent to help you take care of your mind, body & soul!


All natural bath salts
All natural shea butter sugar scrubs
Pure soy wax candles - in jars, metal black tins, and our popular trio votive pack
Beeswax lip balms
Epsom salt bath bombs - small & large sizes, and our popular bath bomb box (with 9 small bath bombs).
Bubble bath elixir




Farmer's Daughter Co.