Created Mother

It has always been about more than scrunchies for me. While I pride myself on the fact that I make a great product – quality scrunchies with all-day-hold & therapy packs that provide comfort from daily aches and pains - I have expanded in big ways since Created Mother started in February 2020; What I am able to do and inspire in my community is the real “why” behind my company.
I believe one of my greatest assets to my community is my ability to create and inspire connection. Since starting Created Mother, I have used my platform to do so by supporting and encouraging other small businesses and giving ideas or hosting initiatives that inspire my customers to reach out to others; Something that proved to be so important and beneficial during the many lockdowns of the last 2 years.

Giving back to my community is very important to me. In 2021 I donated 25% of my business’ net income (In cash donations and in product) to a local women’s shelter and a Steinbach thanksgiving food drive. Not only do I strive to be financially generous in my community, it is also important to me that my business reflects generosity in the value and service I provide to my customers.

Work Ethic:
As long as I continue to give my “yes!” to this space and continue to grow my business, I want to work hard to provide the best product I can. This includes having a diverse range of scrunchies and therapy packs that not only meet the customer’s need when it comes to quality and function, but also make them feel comfortable, stylish and ready to take on the day!
The truth is, it’s not hard to make a great scrunchie, I know there are many others in our community that make a great product just like I do. That is why I hope you will consider Created Mother’s business values of connection and generosity when you make your decision, and for this reason I hope you will choose me. Attending your market will expand my opportunities for building connection in the maker community and with customers. As well, it will open the doors for me to be even more generous and give in an even bigger way in 2022.
Thank-you so much for your time and your consideration.
Created Mother Growth:
- I started selling through Instagram, added 100% linen scrunchies and launched my scrunchie subscription.
- I started monthly scrunchie releases, added bows and hair scarves to my collections, started the Send a Letter Campaign, customer appreciation = donate my profit month (September 2021), expanded therapy packs to include Linen, started wholesale relationships and launched my website.
- The scrunchie recycling program (launched Jan 2022), adding silk scrunchies, adding linen to my subscription options, launching kid+ doll matching scrunchie sets, and that’s just the beginning of what is to come in 2022!


- 2 sizes (Mini and Standard), 3 styles (Classic, Bow, Hair Scarves), Assorted fabrics (Velvet, cotton, polyester, knit, etc.), 100% Linen fabric, 100% Silk fabric)
- New Product (to be released at the market) Matching scrunchie sets for kids + their doll/barbie!
Scrunchie Stands (Made of wood)
Scrunchie Subscription
Therapy Packs (Hot/Cold)
- 6 different sizes (Eye Mask, Bear, M, L, XL, Shoulder), assorted fabric types (including 100% Linen collection).




Created Mother