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Created Mother

Created Mother is about more than scrunchies. While I pride myself on the fact that I make a great product – quality scrunchies with all-day-hold & therapy packs that provide comfort from daily aches and pains – I have expanded in big ways since Created Mother started in February 2020; What I am able to do and inspire in my community is the real “why” behind my company.
I believe one of my greatest assets to my community is my ability to create and inspire connection. Since starting Created Mother, I have used my platform to do so by supporting and encouraging other small businesses and giving ideas or hosting initiatives that inspire my following to reach out to others.
In summer we hosted 2 Poolside Connects, where small business owners were able to come learn, share and grow together.

Giving back to my community is very important to me. In 2022 I expanded our generous offerings of financial and product donations in our community to include a Scrunchie Recycling Program which has a 2-fold initiative: 1) Provide a way to upcycle unwanted or damaged hair products – Scrunchies/ headbands donated are washed and repaired 2) Then donated back into the community to a local women’s shelter.
In September 2022 we had our second annual Donate our Profit month, where we donated 100% of the Month’s profit to a local food and clothing drive (Distribution Centre of Southland Church – now also the Steinbach donation hub for Ukrainian Refugees)


Product Listing:
- 2 sizes (Mini and Large), 3 styles (Classic, Bow, Hair Scarf), Assorted fabrics (Velvet, cotton, polyester, knit, etc.)
- Specialty scrunchies
o Waste-Not Colour Block
o Swim
o 100% Linen
o 100% Silk
- New Product: 12 Days of Scrunchies by Created Mother (advent box)
Therapy Packs (Hot/Cold)
- 5 different sizes (Eye Mask, Bear, M, XL, Shoulder), assorted fabric types (including 100% Linen collection).




Created Mother
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