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Brie's Botanicals

Brie's Botanicals is a small, handcrafted, Winnipeg business consisting of Brie + Bryce. Take comfort in knowing that Brie's Botanicals utilizes 100% pure, all natural, ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free and mainly organic essential oils in all of their aromatherapy products. They take pride in ensuring that the utmost attention, care, and love are infused into their sustainable products, allowing you an eco-conscious lifestyle choice for most of your body + household needs.


Air fresheners, yoga mat cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, gem~infused body, face, hair, pillow + linen mists, facial toners, lavender magnesium mists, diffuser blends, gem-infused aromatherapy rollers, face+body serums, hair + cuticle oils + bath + beard oils.




Brie's Botanicals
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