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Bloom Designs & Photo

It’s simple.
Bloom was created to support myself when my health took a turn. I took the creativity that I had, and paired it with items that encouraged me.
Doing occasion cards, and home decor pieces was where Bloom started. From there we have grown into planners to help organize, reusable totes, and more. Our goal is to encourage. With every products we create, we want to customer and anyone else who sees it to be inspired, to smile and to be joy filled. We do this though the quotes we have on products, but also in the purpose of the behind them. We want to spread joy and kindness, and help others do the same, through our everyday, essential products. We do all of the designing of our products which makes them unique and one of a kind to us.


Occasion cards, stationery including the following: weekly planners, daily planners, meal planners, shopping lists, to do lists, notes, study planners, recipe boxes + cards, card boxes, journals, password books, prints and tote bags.




Bloom Designs & Photo
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