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After 25 years as a production manager in a factory, I wanted to do something for myself, to produce something. The things I will create will touch people and be happy and peaceful when they are used.

Candles were the first thing that came to my mind. Flames have always given me peace. Of course, as long as they are under control :) But already made in every colour, shape and scent. Since my son is allergic, we mainly stayed away from smelly things. Also, the smoke and work coming out were worth mentioning. What I would produce should have been cleaner, more practical and more decorative.

This is how I was introduced to the idea of the Tabletop Fireplace. Of course, other people produced and made it before, but many details need to be touched. For example, in glass models, tempered is used to make the glasses more durable, and in wooden models, the varnishes are resistant to high temperatures. After a long work, my collection is complete. Tabletop Fireplace is not any of the 100 products I sell in my shop like other people.

I created this collection by taking care of every model's detail, appealing to all tastes in every price range. I hope you like my collection as much as I do.


Tabletop Fireplaces in various sizes, colours and shapes.




Avimelek Trade Agency Ltd