Inspired by science, nature, and magic Apothecandy creates beautiful, useful things. Leiah Bauer is the herbalist and goat-whisperer behind Apothecandy, she combines her passion for plants and love of the forest with rich and creamy milk from her own herd of goats to create her line of forest inspired goat milk soap. The amazing colours and scents are created from natural materials to capture a moment in the seasons, from the smell of the early spring when the sun warms the buds on the balsam poplar and the golden resin begins to flow to the fading sunlight of the fall when the goldenrod and fireweed blooms. Apothecandy follows the seasons and ethically wildcrafts the botanicals that capture the story of the forest in her soap creating an aesthetic and aromas that are carefully crafted to transport the user to a memory or feeling.


Goat Milk Soap (approx 16 varieties)
Herbal infused cream
Facial serums
Herbal hair care, shampoo, and conditioner bars
Lip Balms
Zero Waste Solid Dish Soap
Bath Teas and Salts
Solid Lotion Bars
Botanical Facial Masks
Cedar Soap Dishes & Soap Saver Bags
Gift Sets put together of my products