Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is in the business of feeding your entire family! We are in our own dedicated gluten- AND nut free facility. Your handmade favourites from perogies and cabbage rolls to pizza and cookie dough are made with care and consideration; Catering to many additional dietary requirements such as dairy free and vegan. Since 2015, we've stood true to the taste and traditions you hold dear to your heart; using quality ingredients and maintaining our high standards.
We look forward to serving you and yours the very best in gluten free (and allergen friendly) foods.


Please note the majority of products are sold frozen.
Cabbage Rolls - various varieties
Perogies - various varieties
Cookie Dough - various varieties
ALGF Almost Anything Flour Blend
Pie & Tart Crust (dough)
Pizza Dough
Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf
Soups - various varieties
Chicken Tourtiere
Take-&-Bake Pizza - various varieties
Something NEW!
Branded Merchandise




Amanda Lynn