Abiding Citizen

Every drink should taste delicious. We are regular people who wanted to serve our friends great drinks
when they came to visit. We fell in love with bitters and shrubs for their versatility, ease of use and
fantastic taste. Perfectly balanced sweet and tart flavours in our small batch shrub combine together to
provide a delightful treat able to be enjoyed by all. Bitters add complexity to cocktails and give each
drink that special je ne sais quoi. Inspired by Prohibition, refined by modern times, Abiding Citizen helps
everyone build a better beverage.


Shrub - Fruit based concentrate to make cocktails or zero proof drinks.
Simple Syrups - The sweet component of a drink.
Bitters - The seasoning of a drink to bring out complimentary flavours.
Rimmers - Sweet or Savory garnish for the glass.




Abiding Citizen