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Valaroche Home

No space is ever the same with Valaroche Home. You truly will be receiving a “one-of-a-kind” look by having our very own Valaroche design pieces combined into your specific space and style. Valaroche Home has the ability for creating spaces that are aesthetically beautiful and soulfully nurturing. No matter what the project or budget size, we can create everyday living in spaces that also calm,

Inspire, and uplift the spirit.

Whether it be new builds, remodels, or refining an existing space, Valaroche Home works collaboratively with industry professionals who share a vision to make your home as gratifying in looks as it is to your lifestyle.


Wall decor, painted sign boards, paper palm leaves for vases, macrame garlands & other garlands, baskets, cushions, decor beads, ceramics, hanging planters, candle holders, room & linen sprays, wood wall art and my newly published book, ‘Alex’s Ripple Effect’ by Cindy Klayh. A lot of my items will be nursery or children’s decor but not all. However, It will flow together with colours and materials.




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