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The Slime Studio

Our names are Nikki and Amie and we have been best friends for the better part of our lives. We live the ultimate dream that every inseparable bestie duo grows up hoping for...We grew up to also marry a set of best friends.

We are both mamas to 2 beautiful girls with which our worlds revolve around!

We have always dreamed of owning a business together and went down several avenues that never really felt right. Being moms, we knew that we wanted to do something that would help other moms with the seemingly impossible task of keeping their kids busy. We wanted to create a brand and product that would not only draw upon imagination and hands-on play but also be something that families could do together and create memories and traditions around.
Then one evening (over wine and charcuterie....our fav!) we came up with a series of ideas that snowballed and eventually lead us to the launch of The Slime Studio.

We know that kids love slime and also know that parents are often tasked with the unfavourable task of making it. We have taken all the hard (and messy) work out of it and provide our customers with only the fun part. Our kits come with pre-made, uncoloured slime containers and all the fun colour powders and mix-ins to customize them!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed and grateful for the response that we have had to this little dream of ours and cannot wait to keep growing!


Individual Slime Packages (includes: 1 uncoloured slime, 1 colour packet, various glitters & mix-ins) in a variety of themes. We currently offer the following themes: Mermaid, Galaxy, Unicorn & Dinosaur.

We'll also be selling our Family 4 pack (includes: 4 uncoloured slimes, 4 colour packets, various glitters & mix-ins).




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