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The Farmer's Daughter Honey & Sustainable Living Goods

The Farmer’s Daughter Honey & Sustainable Living Co. brings together the idea of a simpler lifestyle while reducing one’s negative impact on the environment. Bailey is the creative & maker behind the lifestyle brand and this gal is so lucky to have a lovely team of “worker bees” to support her! She has wrangled up her G-pa and other family & friends who are happy to help her out with projects from beekeeping to sewing!

What started as a 14-year-old girl with a 1 beehive and a plain old jar of honey quickly blossomed into a delicious line of naturally flavoured honeys and charming, yet functional everyday goods! This farmer’s daughter strives to make goods that have a connection to natural living; all of her products are made from naturally sourced materials including wood, linen, cotton, hemp/jute/sisal fibres, leather & goodness from the hive!

Bailey and her business have both grown over the years and the now 23-year-old, metis university student is passionate for her goal of being a maker of eco-conscious, quality, naturally sourced, handmade & homegrown goods!


Products From The Hive
- raw & creamed honey
- naturally flavoured/infused honeys
- bee pollen
- beeswax candles
- blocks of beeswax
- natural beeswax wood conditioner

Sustainable Living
- reusable beeswax food wraps
- diy beeswax wrap kit
- reusable & natural fibre bowl covers
- handmade cutting boards made from locally milled oak and coated in our beeswax wood conditioner
- reusable and natural fibre drawstring bags (multipurpose - lunch bag, make-up bag, travel bag, food storage, produce bags, organization, etc)
- reusable mesh produce bags
- lunch kit
- natural fibre kitchen towels and napkins
- natural fibre dish cloths and scrubbies
- kitchen potholder
- reusable cotton face cleansing pads
- market/book bags




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