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The Face Bar

At Face Bar we don't see skin care as a privilege or pampering, we see it as self-care. Our vision is to democratize skincare. We're not about luxury or extravagance. We're not elite or fancy. We stand for quality, efficacy and sustainability. 
Our product offering is minimalist by design because each formula has been carefully hand-picked from the crème de la crème of skincare spanning over 20 years. The idea for the Dispensary was born after decades of building relationships with producers of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products. This mutual trust led to an exclusive opportunity to purchase from our suppliers in bulk. By omitting the expensive packaging, branding and marketing we are able to offer our products at an affordable price. 


Exclusively for Third & Bird we've created Face Bar Face Kits dispensed in 2oz instead of our usual 1oz containers. Our Face Kits contain the crème de la crème in medical grade skincare curated by skin type for acne prone, sensitive, dry, mature and combination skin.




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