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Sweetpea Natural Skincare

Sweetpea Natural Skincare is your local, handmade, non toxic, eco friendly, cruelty free go-to for all things natural beauty! We create non toxic, planet friendly versions of everyday beauty products, so people can feel good about what they're putting on their skin while being mindful of their carbon footprint!

All packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable (we give tips on our instagram of how our packaging can be reused!) and we have a recycle program! Customers can return our packaging for a discount on their next purchase in an effort to reduce waste and as a thank you for being so eco-friendly!

And 10% of our sales are donated to the conservation of bee populations. Wildlife Preservation Canada's native pollinators initiative is our go-to for helping our buzzy friends!

All Sweetpea items are made with love and the intention to bring bliss into the day of the person using our product. We truly feel that products made with love have a very special impact when used.


PMS Blend, Aches + Pain Cream, Dry Shampoo (3 variants), You Glow Girl™ Moisturizer (5 variants), Deodorant (5 variants), Inhale the Good Perfume Roller, Beauty Sleep Serum Evening Eye Fine Fighter, Badass Beauty Box (giftbox), Mama Magic, Ink Juice Tattoo + PMU Aftercare, Cycle Survival Pack, Daily Essentials Bundle




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