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Prairie Cricket Farms

Hey! We are Ryan & Lesley Steppler and we created a cricket farm. Yes, a cricket farm!  Born and raised on cattle and grain farms, we are country kids that know the value of agriculture and the importance of growing and raising food. After a conversation with someone about how North America is beginning to eat crickets, Ryan decided he needed a new hobby and started a cricket farm in our basement. Fast forward five years and 200 crickets turned into millions (they are no longer in our basement). We discovered that crickets are extremely nutrient dense, easily digestible and can be added to many of the snacks and meals you’re already baking. We quickly got over the “ick factor” once we realized the nutritional value of these little guys and that our family’s diet has improved just by adding a bit of cricket powder to our meals.


Cricket Powder 200g
Roasted Crickets 25g (Smokey BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt and Vinegar)
Roasted Crickets 75g (above flavours)




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