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Plant Power Jerky

I have been sharing my passion of plant-based cooking and love for animals with family & friends for nearly three decades.
Since eliminating meat from my diet at six-years-old, I dreamed of ways I could help others do the same or at least cut down on their consumption to help save animals and the planet. By creating Plant Power Jerky, I did just that! My goal was to create an affordable, convenient, sustainable 100% plant-based snack with just as much protein as meat and also mimicked the taste and texture. The unique meaty texture and bold flavours satisfy everyone from long time vegans to self-proclaimed carnivores, kids love it too! This nutritious meatless alternative is better for you and the planet making it something you can feel good about what you are fuelling your body with and takes the guesswork out of plant-based eating. No nitrates, cholesterol, msg or artificial colours here!

All four flavours (and all of our features) are my own original recipes, adapted from nearly a lifetime of creating plant-based dishes from scratch to showcase how delicious meatless alternatives can be. This plant-based jerky fills the void in the market for a healthier alternative to traditional meat based jerky that you can take with you anywhere and you’ll love how versatile it is! Since it is more tender than tradition beef jerky, it is easier to chew and can easily be used in a recipe in place of meat or thrown into a salad or wrap as is to quickly add a ton of flavour & plant protein.

Little changes create big impact! Each time you choose a plant-based alternative, you're reducing the suffering of animals and the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. I applaud your efforts and thank you for being part of my vision to make the world a better place, one bite at a time. Dig in!

-Darci, Creator


Plant-based jerky in various flavours




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