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What began as a ‘hair tie’ venture between a hairdresser and her mother-in-law, has now evolved into a multifaceted company that is fashion focused. LoosethreadsCo. is owned by Danille Mandap and Gwen Gooda. Together, they have revolutionized the scrunchie (hair tie) trend by creating timeless and modern pieces made from silk, bamboo, linen. Today, LoosethreadsCo. creates much more than just scrunchies. Whether it’s shirts, face masks or other fashion accessories, you can be assured that every item is made locally from handpicked high-quality fabrics, and built to last.


100% SILK hair scrunchies
Lyocell Organic Athletic scrunchies odor resistant
100% Pure Linen scrunchies
Swimmer Scrunchies made for water
and mini matching sets
100% Silk masks safe for face on the inside with cotton on the outside
Loosethreadsco branded clothing




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