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LeeBohimi is handcrafted fine jewelry aiming to be unique and one of a kind, connecting your style to your surroundings. Everything is handmade in my home studio using mainly 14k gold fill, sterling silver and genuine gemstones. I source my materials as economically Possible as I can and make jewels for you to love and that can last a lifetime!

Working with metal as a certified welder for many years, I started making handmade jewelry in 2016 because I wanted to make some beautiful pieces for my wonderful bridesmaids that could last them a lifetime and be personalized for each of them. It started as a fun hobby but with a love for working with metals and a passion for creating beautiful handmade jewelry I just couldn’t stop!

Inspired by my own personal style and the beauty of nature. I make raw, yet delicate pieces, easy-wearing, and every day pieces made to last with a modern bohemian feel!


Rings, earrings, necklaces/chokers, bracelets/bangles, anklets, and barefoot sandals




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