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Kirsch Street Prints

Kris, the artist behind Kirsch Street Prints, has always had a passion and excitement for the art of creating. She has a background in Urban Design and spent years living abroad, ultimately bringing these passions together during the past year to develop her artistic style and designs. She creates simple and modern designs, originally all her designs are hand-drawn and completed via mixed-media, which creates a super clean, simple and modern aesthetic.

She hopes her art pieces bring people joy, brings them back to happy places when they need it, and in the end she makes it a priority for her platform to be a positive place that can give back to the communities that have inspired her work.

Testimonial: “I wanted to thank you for sharing your artistic and graphic talents! I love the simplicity of the drawings and yet the memories they evoke are so wonderful and complex”

Prints are available in a variety of sizes and price points depending on the series, from greeting cards to 8x10".


Variety of Art Prints, including the series':
- Winnipeg Landmarks
- Flora & Fauna
- Cityscapes (for all of us missing travelling right now!)




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