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Joelle Nadine Studio

Like many others, this shop was just a dream for many years! Sometimes you need a bigger push to face the fear of opening your own business. My business grew from a place of heartache but it was exactly the push I needed! Life is hard, we face obstacles and challenges every day and my story has been no exception. After experiencing heartbreaking loss, I decided to leave my job as an Art Educator and to start creating for joy. The goal was (and is) to take hard experiences and use them to fuel my empathy and passion to share joy and beauty with others who need a little encouragement in their life.

Some of my work is directly related to specific challenges; physical health concerns, such as miscarriage, pregnancy, and cancer, and mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Some of my work just represents my belief that a beautiful space with aesthetically vibrant imagery really can make one feel at peace.

Each painting in the shop is painted by me by exploring and sensing colour palettes that are conducive to creating emotion and reflection. I enjoy minimalism and contemporary design and generally my work will follow these aesthetics. Once each piece feels completed, they are printed on fine art quality paper to maintain the integrity and style of the original.

All in all, my art is about hope. Joelle Nadine Studio was a dream I hoped for turned into a reality the moment the first print was purchased. My desire is that these prints could represent hope in your own spaces. Life is beautiful, let's paint it so!


Art Prints : a variety of 30 different prints from my Floral, Mountain, Sand, Hand Gestures, and Abstract, series.




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