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Good Wheel Ceramics

Jody Lewis is the maker behind Good Wheel Ceramics. Originally a Tennessee guy (listen for it when you meet him), he was transplanted to Winnipeg, MB rather suddenly when Covid messed around with life plans. He joined his partner Robyn in Winnipeg and together they concocted a crazy scheme to turn his pottery pastime into a small business opportunity. Soon after, Good Wheel Ceramics was born.
Good Wheel Ceramics makes functional, handmade pottery that is not only pleasing to the eye, but feels good to hold and use. They strive to highlight the natural beauty of the raw clay in their pottery with nature-inspired designs that highlight tones and textures. Pieces are crafted in small batches in Winnipeg, Manitoba by maker Jody Lewis, with Robyn contributing behind the scenes to general dreaming and scheming, photography and marketing.


Speckled Clay:
-Pasta bowls
-Dinner plates
-Half handle mugs
Coffee Clay:
-Gold half handle mugs
-Yin Yang swirly tumblers




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