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Earth and Hide

Earth and Hide products are connected with its owner through the things it carries, and the way it's used. Every customer has a unique story and their product will become an integral part of that story especially through consistent use. Imagine what you put in your bag and the importance these items have; the contacts in your phone, the things that are written with the pen, the e-mails exchanged on the laptop, the drawings held within the sketchbook. Our hope is that my work will be an integral part of the amazing things my customers do.

At Earth and Hide, we love the quality of a nice, well made product. We love the feel, the smell, the rugged durability, the look, the process of making it, the gratification of being productive and making something that others love so much. Most of all, we love our customers. Ultimately, our favourite thing is when customers just GUSH about the products they've received.


Leather keychains, wallets, belts, bags, purses, briefcases, and backpacks, Pottery mugs with mixed media attachments.




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