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Denatured is an open-access perfumery lab, olfactive workshop space and lifestyle boutique based in Winnipeg. Our ethos is to lift the veil of the perfume industry and make fragrance both accessible and fun for the consumer. Through his intensive perfumery training in France, owner Tom Jansen has developed an easy way to create your own custom fragrance at home or in the Denatured lab in a one-to-one workshop style. Our take-home perfume creation kits feature six hand-formulated fragrance accords that are meant to blend together to create a totally unique fragrance that speaks to you. Our ready-to-wear fragrances, called the Lab Work series, are released seasonally and focus on highlighting a specific perfumery ingredient in a unique and innovative way.


- take-home creation kit (Floral)
- take-home creation kit (Woody)
- Lab Work fragrance winter 2021 (50mL and 15mL)
- Lab Work fragrance spring 2021 (50mL and 15mL)
- Lab Work fragrance summer 2021 (50mL and 15mL)




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