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CZE by Tania

CZE by Tania was established in 2015 by me - Tania Davis, out of the need to repair my dry and over-processed hair. I have always had a love for hair however, with many years of applying constant heat my hair became extremely damaged. I would try so many products from various drugstores and salons to no avail, my hair would break away further and further. Then one day I had enough and I started mixing a “magic” concoction out of all natural ingredients. I came up with a hair repair mask that dramatically changed the health of my hair! From there I was hooked and developed a true passion to create a line of natural hair care made with clean ingredients that works and does not break the bank! My product line has something for every person and every hair type. I strive to make useful products that people love!


• Dry Shampoos
• Hair Repair Masques
• Leave-in Conditioner
• Sea Salt Texturizing Sprays
• Hair + Body Perfumes
• Heat Protectant Hair Oils
• Curl Defining Cream
• Eyelash Lengthening + Thickening Serum
• Pomade
• Beard Balms
• Beard Oils
• Shave Oil
• Mustache Wax
• Beard Wash
• Deodorants
• Rosewater Toner




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