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I created Cutie Oils because the cuticle oils available to retail to my clients were boring, dated, and full of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. Despite the benefits of cuticle oil, my clients were wholeheartedly uninterested in using the product. To combat this, I created a proprietary blend of quality oils that feel silky and nourishing instead of greasy, complete with esthetically pleasing branding and packaging, a scent that actually makes you want to use the product over and over, and that is proudly natural, vegan, and cruelty free. I also remedied the sloppy applicator that is typically used in cuticle oils (think of a nail polish brush that dispenses way too much product and leaves you with a sloppy mess) by using a doe-foot applicator instead (think of a lipgloss wand). Because of the addictive scent, Cutie Oils also double as a fragrance oil when applied to pulse points, which is a huge selling feature in the product.

Cutie Oils currently comes in two signature scents (a third will have been launched by the spring market, I’m finalizing things with the perfumer right now), Olivine and Mia, and they are each described by their own persona and their scent notes:

MIA - A mix of passionfruit and tangerine, with mid notes of pink peony and jasmine. Mia has a standing two week appointment that never gets moved or cancelled. Can be very indecisive over the 5 neutrals in her rotation (including red, the other neutral).

OLIVINE - Sweet vanilla, warm amber, with a hint of sandalwood and blackberry. Olivine typically arrives just on time with outlandish tea to spill. Often chooses pink or glitter.

The personas used to describe each scent really create a sense of community amongst our customers, as they are able to personally identify with one or both of the scents charming features, hence our tagline “Welcome to the Cutie Club”.

In conclusion, Cutie Oils is a product with a ton of thought and so so much passion behind it. At a $20 price point, it's an easy, satisfying purchase costumers can feel good about. I’ve sold over 500 units in November and December alone with outstanding reviews. Most customers purchase one scent, then come back a week or two later for the other.
I sincerely think a Cutie Oil booth would be a great asset to the Third and Bird lineup! I have included a mock up of the booth I can have made, as this is my first market I do not currently have one set up. The back wall features our tag line "Welcome to the cutie club" in a neon sign" the wall on the right side is where the majority of the product is to be displayed, and the wall to the left will feature a gallery wall of photos taken by our customers. The two pedestals in corner are for the refill stations, and the desk will be primarily for packaging and processing orders. (I'm very fortunate to have a dad who is a carpenter and is willing to put this all together for me, haha!)


Cutie Oils - MIA
Cutie Oils - Olivine
Cutie Oils - Third scent name is TBD! But is currently being finalized and will be launched by the Spring Market
Refill station - Both scents are available to be refilled at a discounted rate, with over 500 units sold in the area already, I anticipate quite a few refill requests as our customers tend to frequent Third and Bird markets, and will be due for a refill.




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