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Cedar and Vine

There's an understated beauty in timeless design.
This was the philosophy out of which Cedar & Vine was born. What started as a simple passion has evolved into a mindset that encompasses more than just clothing design.

Somewhere along this crazy journey, we began to realize the need for transparency in our industry. Learning to design with intention, we discovered the value of being able to carry that purpose across in our daily lifestyle.

We have an inkling that we are not the only ones, and that's exactly why we do what we do.

We create our garments in our studio located in Weyburn, SK through a combination of small-batch production and made-to-order manufacturing.

We describe Cedar and Vine as slow fashion - but what does that mean exactly?

Slow fashion is about designing, creating, and investing in quality pieces that are going to last, rather than constantly buying cheap pieces that are season and trend bound - only to be discarded or collect in a pile at the back of your closet after a few uses. Essentially it means "Choose well, make it last"

From the beginning, it was our goal to be transparent. Ultimately, no matter where we go with our brand, that is a value that will never change.


Linen shirts
Linen pants
Linen aprons
Linen rompers
Linen/ cotton lined jackets
Cotton dresses
Cotton sweaters




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