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The majority of Canadians are looking for ways to reduce the amount of ordinary meat in their diet, and for good reason. Eating too much of it isn't good for our health - or the planet.

Most people don't want to cut meat from their diet entirely though. We get it - meat has been an important part of our diets for a very long time. People choose to eat it for its taste, nutrition, satiety, and cultural importance.

So, we decided to remake meat from the ground up. We wanted to deliver a product that’s not only better for you and the environment but also tastes great. With most plant-based or blended products, you can taste the compromise. Not with BUMP.

By blending Canadian beef with prairie grown plant protein, we were able to create something special. We've improved nutrition and reduced the environmental impact - but BUMP is so delicious and retains moisture so well, it can substitute 1:1 for ordinary ground beef without sacrifice.






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