Sweetpea Naturals

Sweetpea Naturals is proud to serve our local community with handmade, chemical-free, earth-loving skin care, that protects the health of you, your family + the planet!

We replace the chemical-filled products that women are using everyday, with safe and healthy alternatives. The average woman interacts with 500+ chemicals in her daily beauty routine and we are here to help make beauty better!

We divert waste from landfill with our recycle program and also offer a discount on a future purchase, as a thank you to the customer for being so eco-friendly!

Sweetpea believes that you have 2 homes; the earth and your body, and we're here to help you take care of both! We are proud to donate a portion from every purchase to the conservation of bee populations.

We are here to serve skin care and have Third+Bird guests walking away with a smile on their face.


Dry Shampoo, Ink Juice, Beauty Sleep Serum, You Glow Girl Moisturizers, Mama Magic, Ouch Balm, Cycle Survival Pack and Deodorant




Sweetpea Naturals