Spreads by Cede

Spreads by Cede began from a passion for food and nutrition built through taking a Nutritional Science Degree in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This passion extended to creating and sharing healthy, nutrient dense foods and lead to the creation of natural, nutrient dense nut butters.
It’s our mission to bring healthy, nutrient dense spreads to your kitchen without adding any unnecessary ingredients and to provide amazing products that show the potential of food to be nutritious and delicious, to bring us together, fuel us, heal us, and so much more. As well as to keep the inspiration flowing by bringing you tasty recipes using Spreads by Cede nut butters.


Almond Butter:
Cacao Maca
Acai Blueberry
Lucuma Turmeric
Matcha Lavendar
Gingerbread Baobab
Pumpkin Spice Goji

Cashew Butter:
Chaga Vanilla
Mint Chocolate Chip




Spreads by Cede