Little Brown Jug Brewing

Some might call it obsessive, but we like to think of it as the joyous pursuit of easy drinking and flavourful beer. Little Brown Jug brings together the craft beer enthusiast and the casual beer drinker. It’s why we invest in leading brewing equipment, source quality ingredients, and master difficult techniques.Before our beer gets to you, we’ve perfected the flavour, so you always know what to expect. Our beer is here for you to love. With a dream to have an impact, Little Brown Jug builds a home in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District in 2016. An overlooked hundred year-old building is given new life and a company (of believers) is assembled. From our open-concept brewery, LBJ started out brewing only one beer, 1919 Belgian Pale Ale. We brew it over and over and over again to create a beer that is good by any standard. We take the same intention and precision and apply it to craft every new beer we add. We consider the needs of our customers and our planet through our building design and emphasis on social gathering. We invest in our community through partnership, sponsorship and collaboration. Ultimately, we want our employees to be proud to work here and our customers to be proud to drink here. You can't fake it. It may be time consuming and difficult to master, but anything worth doing is worth doing well. Since we focus on simple styles with less to hide behind, we continually hone our techniques to make good, reliable beer. Our process means beer done better.


"1919" is made using the traditional German kräusening, or double-fermentation technique, which cleans up beer flavours, naturally carbonates the beer, and gives it better head retention. “1919” is made with premium Canadian malts and specialty Franco-Belges malts to give it unique characteristics.
A crisp Golden Ale in our Belgian style made with Manitoba honey. Herbal and floral aroma, crisp and refreshing, dry finish.
A hazy German wheat beer with notes of banana, clove, and bread.
Engineered to showcase new world hops in our Belgian style. It is fruity and spicy, citrus and tropical fruit aroma, with a dry refreshing finish.
A deceptively light tasting Black Lager with light roast malt flavour, herbal and malty aroma, dark colour, clean and crisp finish.
Malt flavours of toffee, chocolate, and dark fruit. Toffee and toast aroma. Medium body.




Little Brown Jug Brewing