Leabee Wraps

Leabee Wraps makes Earth friendly alternatives to plastic wrap and plastic bags. I started making Beeswax food wraps because I was wanting to get rid of the amount of plastic in my life, and decided to start with what I thought was easiest....plastic wrap. I started to make a few beeswax wraps for my own collection, but also made some for friends and family as gifts so that they too could move away from one time use plastics. As my products proved their value, more and more people started wanting them as an alternative to plastic wrap. We happily supply much of Winnipeg with our products and are excited to serve the Third and Bird customers as well.


Beeswax food wraps.
Beeswax Food Bags
Reusable paper towel
Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags




Leabee Wraps