Ivey and Company

Ivey & Company was founded by two sisters from Winnipeg, Manitoba with a love for all things home décor. We hand make a wide range of home goods made from natural wood beads that perfectly accent any décor style. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to quality and detail to ensure we are providing our customers with products that last.

In honour of our late grandmother, who is our inspiration, $1.00 from every sale made through Ivey & Company is donated to the ALS society.


Wood Bead Garland (2 patterns & 3 lengths)
Wood Bead Christmas Ornaments (2 sizes)
Wood Table Garland (5 styles)
Wood Bead Napkin Rings (2 styles)
Wood Bead Bottle Tassels (2 styles)
Wood Bead Key Chains (3 styles with 4 different tassel colours)
Wood Bead Stocking Tags (3 styles)
Wood Bead Mobiles (3 styles)




Ivey and Company