Forgotten Flavours

We are a bakery that mostly focuses on a naturally levain breads. We grow our own wild yeast cultures from Manitoba products. Our bread process take up to 36 hours from start to finish. Our creation is the Levain Ball. The Levain Ball is a naturally grown wild yeast starter for making healthy and delicious bread and pastries with unique aromas and flavours, a soft crust and spongy crumb. Levain Ball is no fuss starter that illuminates feeding so you can have freshly baked loaf anytime!
Bread-Aid is also designed by us to help understand the sourdough stages, no more over or under proof bread, simply follow the guidelines on a bread-aid and you will have yourself a great bread!
Pate de fruit is the star of the show, this jelly like treats will surprise you with their explosion of flavours!
Unfortunately, we cannot provide all the pictures for the projects. Due to the fact that some of them is in the process of shipping or printing at this moment. As soon as we have them we will sent some pictures. Our estimated time to have everything running is September!


"Levain Ball (wild yeast culture)
Bread-aid (little helper to make a perfect Sourdough)
Sourdough kit (proofing basket, scraper, scale, termomether, levain ball, bread-aid)
Pate de fruit




Forgotten Flavours