Flora & Farmer

flora & farmer creates delightfully daring preserves your grandma never made!
Rather than adding thickeners, spreads are made by combining fruit with complimentary flavours found in spices, herbs and a modest amount of sweetener, and reduced, resulting in a luxurious, full flavoured spread. I strive to source locally grown, spray free produce whenever possible, always use organic herbs, spices and citrus, but never artificial flavours, extracts or preservatives. No fillers and no shortcuts, just whole, real food.


Low sugar spreads, marmalade, pickles, fermented salsa and kraut, lemon/fruit curd, would love to sell pop-tarts filled with flora & farmer spreads if there's room in the market for a cookie! Also, pyrizhky (little Ukrainian buns filled with sauerkraut)...




Flora & Farmer