CZE by Tania

I started my company, CZE [chay] in 2015 out of the need to repair my over-processed, broken hair. My then boyfriend (now husband) would make jokes about my hair and would say that it kind of felt like straw or a "mop" from all the damage (haha!). After many attempts of using all kinds of drugstore and salon products with no luck, I started to do a ton of research and began mixing my own natural concoctions. After a lot of playing around, I came up with a hair treatment that genuinely started to work. My hair was noticeably changing and from there family, friends and ultimately others needed to try my "magic hair oil". To date, I have developed a whole line of natural hair care along with many other personal care products.


- Dry Shampoos
- Hair Repair Masques
- Leave-in Conditioner
- Sea Salt Texturizing Sprays
- Hair + Body Perfumes
- Heat Protectant Hair Oils
- Curl Defining Cream
- Shampoo + Conditioner
- Pomade
- Eyelash Lengthening and Thickening Serum
- Rosewater Toner
- Deodorant
- Lip Balm
- Beard Oils
- Beard Balms
- Shave oil
- Beard Wash




CZE by Tania