Cutie Oils

The biting from strict deadlines.The burn from kitchen fails. The oh-so-worth-it age lines from days spent in the sun. From cooking to working to playing, It’s amazing what our hands go through for us. Isn’t it time you showed those cuticles a little extra love?

Enter Cutie Oil. Made to moisturize, revitalize, and pamper that precious spot where skin ends and nail begins.

Because the first step to self care is caring for your cuticles.

So slide into your favourite sweat set (as if you weren’t already in it). Light some candles. Steep some tea. And end your day the way you started it; by pampering those cuticles.


Cutie Oils in scents Mia, Olivine, and Unscented.
After overwhelming demand, we've launched rollerballs in each of our signature scents! They will be available in both Mia & Olivine




Cutie Oils